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A ‘Bond Cleaners Gold Coast’ service is one of the last things you should do before completing your rental agreement. You want the property cleaned to perfection, & when your real estate manager comes to inspect, they find no problems that would prevent your bond money refund in full.

“We are very pleased with the carpet cleaning results, excellent finish.”

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Professional Bond Cleaners Gold Coast Services :

  • You need a professional bond cleaners business that accounts for all small details of a property.
  • Our exit cleaning checklist identifies the full details of the bond cleaning to be performed.
  • We are the experts in this cleaning field and specialise in exit cleaning services on the Gold Coast.
  • We are a local team of bond cleaning experts that are known for our quality of work.
  • We use the latest cleaning equipment that enhances the whole cleaning process.
  • Our tried & true cleaning methods make sure that the property is cleaned perfectly after we are finished.
  • We strictly task ourselves to make each room shine, so that our customers get their bond monies back.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our clients by offering first class cleaning services at a cost-effective prices.
  • We are highly qualified & very experienced, & have performed thousands of end of lease cleaning services on the Gold Coast.
  • If you are planning to move out of your rental property & are thinking of the cleaning, then click here for a bond cleaners gold coast quote.
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General Area Bond Cleaners

  • Clean light switches & power points
  • Clean all skirting boards
  • Properly cleaning A/C & filters
  • Removal the cobwebs
  • Clean shelves of the cupboards
  • Light fittings & fixtures
  • Mopping of floors
  • Doors, track & windows cleaned

Kitchen Bond Cleaners

  • Cleaning all the cupboards & drawers
  • Removing cobwebs, dirt marks from switches
  • Deep clean of the oven & grill
  • Cleaning drain holes, drainers
  • Cleaning exhaust hood
  • Scrub the sink & areas
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Bathroom Bond Cleaner

  • Cleaning exhaust fan in the bathroom
  • Removing dust from cupboards & drawers
  • Removal of the Cobwebs
  • Dirt marks from switches
  • Cleaning the bathroom shower tiles, screen & floor
  • Cleaning of toilet, cistern, & bathtub
  • Removal of dust from window tracks & skirting

Laundry Area Bond Cleaner

  • Full clean of the drawers & cupboards
  • Clean area around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves
  • Taps, sinks, fittings cleaned
  • Clean windows, screens & window tracks
  • Surfaces wiped with a cleaning solution
  • Floor swept
  • Floor mopped
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Pest Control Services

  • We also offer End of Lease Pest Control Services :
  • Pest Inspection –  a full & detailed inspection of the whole property. Study the current pest activity
  • Pest Identification – Find type of pest to determine what pest control technique would be most effective.
  • Pest Analysis – We find out why the pest is on your property – food waste or moisture areas
  • Pest Treatment Selection – Step involves starting the right pest control treatment that would eliminate all pests.
  • Pest Monitoring – Check your facility for pest activity & make changes to protect against pest return
  • Pest Documentation – Current pest control documentation is the sign to a council that your facility has had a pest control service.

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Our Bond Back Guarantee :

We will clean your house top to bottom, ensuring your real estate agency is completely satisfied so you get your bond deposit back.