Cleaning Your Business For Better Health

Cleaning Your Business For Better Health. To help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), employers should ensure the following measures in a business workplace

  • Provide and help staff use hand sanitisers, including at the business building entrances and exits.
  • Increase general business cleaning, including between changes of staff.
  • Clean often with disinfectant high use surfaces (at least three times daily) – including office desks, office doors and office door handles, computer keyboards and lifts, including lift buttons and handrails.
  • In work toilet / change room, provide enough supplies so staff do not have share bathroom items, such as towels and soap sticks, and ask staff to wash their hands after changing.
  • Have all windows open and adjust air conditioning to increase airflow. Ensure the highest hygiene standards are in place among food handlers and canteen staff.
  • Have extra cleaning supplies to help limit infection, for example alcohol sanitisers and disinfectant soap.
  • try not to shake hands when meeting people

• Partition workers from customers and/or other workers using barriers, screens or social distancing markers on the floor

• Limit visitors to the workplace (e.g. use a screening questionnaire to identify high risk individuals such as those who are sick or in quarantine or isolation)

• Stop non-essential meetings or hold meetings via video conferencing or phone call

• Offer customers to use efpost, direct deposit or other payment options instead of paper money

• limit the number of people in business vehicles

• Work schedules and rosters re-done to reduce the number of workers in an area or onsite

• Try to reduce the sharing of equipment and office tools

Cleaners should not enter a room for cleaning while the person is in illness medical isolation.

Before entering the room for cleaning, cleaners should wait at least 60 minutes after the person in isolation has left the room. This will ensure that any droplets have settled.

If possible, all windows, curtains and doors to balconies outside should be fully opened during cleaning.

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