Cleaning Your Home For Better Health

Cleaning Your Home For Better Health

Regular cleaning of a home keeps people living in it healthier by minimising illness and bacteria. It also helps reduce the chances of infections. Good hygiene can help prevent harmful bacteria from moving from surface to surface.

Many of the bacteria found inside homes can be in the air and can cause people to have allergies and lung issues like asthma, allergies. Many allergies are caused by dust mites, pollen. Clean homes where there is no or minimal mould, mildew and bacteria helps to make the residents healthier.

Ask everyone in the home to follow clean daily procedures and to take personal health seriously and to keep the home as bacteria free as possible by everyone helping with the normal routine of cleaning duties.

When regular cleaning and de-cluttering occurs the chances of micro particles around the home and in the air will lessen any persons lung health issues.

It is very important to keep your kitchen, toilet, and bathroom free from bacteria for everyone’s personal health.

Insects and other animals infest houses that are uncleaned and that have inside and outside rubbish build up. Many people hire cleaning professionals to do these tasks weekly or monthly to lessen a persons weekly workload.

  • Keep a written timetable on the fridge for weekly cleaning tasks and assign these jobs to different members of the home fairly.
  • Keep all the cleaning supplies topped up and ready to go to disinfect any surface or area or items, including heaps of clean microfiber cloths.
  • Bond cleaning services can help you to secure the deposit, and get additional service such as spring cleaning, oven & BBQ cleaning.

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