Tips on Cleaning a Bathroom

Tips on Cleaning a Bathroom. From toothpaste dribbles to overspray from hair products, the lowly sink endures a daily barrage of dirt and grime. Keep it sparkling back at you with regular cleaning.

Right for the job. Use all-purpose bathroom cleaner to remove light soil and film. For more hardened deposits, abrasive or soft-scrub cleaners may be used, as they will be easy to rinse from ceramic surfaces. Cleaners formulated with bleach will remove toothpaste dribbles and sanitize surfaces

For shower doors, make a paste by adding a few drops of distilled white vinegar to a cup of baking soda; apply it directly to the door (it’s nice and thick, so it will stick). Let sit for an hour, then rub with a microfiber cloth. Rinse and buff dry with a fresh, dry microfiber cloth.

Things like toilets, bathtubs, showers, and faucets should be cleaned once a week, and you should deep clean a bathroom about once a month. Your weekly cleanings will help you keep things tidy and prevent bacteria from piling up, and your once a month deep cleanings will help address any problem areas.

When it comes to cleaning your mirrors, a microfibre cloth (preferably flat weave especially for glass) and a mix of water and vinegar does the trick. No streaks, environmentally friendly and easy as!

Keep your toilet clean and fresh by scrubbing the inside bowl with toilet cleaner, white vinegar or bi-carb soda. You may want to leave this to soak for a few minutes beforehand.

Don’t waste your time using inadequate tools and products, get the good stuff that isn’t going to waste your time because of quality issues. Select items that you need; nothing more and nothing less, just enough to be efficient.

Hard water is usually chalky white deposits of calcium and magnesium on shower glass and tub rings, often in the shape of dried water droplets and drip patterns. Red or green rust stains are also part of the hard water family, as the iron that causes these stains is another chemical that is common in hard water.

Fixtures:There are metal fixtures all through your bathroom, from the bathtub faucet to the toilet tank lever. These all need buffing to be at their shiniest. Wipe your fixtures with a damp microfiber cloth. Then rinse the cloth and buff the fixtures until you see that shine come back.

Tips on Cleaning a Bathroom.

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