Tips on Cleaning Your Home

Tips on Cleaning Your Home.

When you clean above high items first, some dirt will fall downwards.

If you first clean the bottom and then move to the top, you will make the bottom part dirty again for which you need to go back and clean the area again, not good.

Always start your cleaning from top no matter if you are cleaning the whole room or just specific furniture or item.

When you are cleaning with water, soap solutions or disinfectant, make sure to follow the same movement everywhere from start to finish.

If you start to clean by following a right to left movement, you cannot change it to square movements in the middle of cleaning the same surface. This will leave dirt marks where the joins are in the movement change.

Dusting or cleaning in circles is not a good idea as it keeps the dirt and dust from the previously cleaned area circulating and making a more of a cleaning mess.

A good way is left to right and take the entire sweep of the dirt until the ends join together.

Try not to take your hands off the surface and just keep making the same movement until the whole surface is wiped. Left to right and right to left movement as you slowly move your hands down the surface after each wipe.

Clean all items like the mop, cleaning cloths, scrubs, brushes. keep these clean, because the next time you use them they will be in a semi-new condition.

Use a large box container for your under-sink cleaning gear storage, as this will save you time and assist in a no mess cupboard.

Tips on Cleaning Your Home

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