Tips on Cleaning Your Home

Tips on Cleaning Your Home. Clean Everything from Top to Down

Due to nature’s force of gravity, whenever you clean above, some dirt tends to fall to the bottom.

So when you first clean the bottom and go to the top, you are only going to make the bottom portion dirty again for which you need to go back and clean for the second time.

To avoid this overlapping process, always start your cleaning from top no matter if you are cleaning an entire room or just specific furniture or appliances.

Have a Consistent Cleaning Move

When you are cleaning with water, disinfectant or any other cleaning liquid, make sure to follow the same movement everywhere from start to finish.

For example, if you start to clean by following a left to right movement, you cannot change it to circular movement in the middle of cleaning the same surface. This could leave trace marks of cleaning and make the whole surface look unattractive.

Generally, cleaning in circles is not recommended as it tends to keep the dirt from the previously cleaned area circulating and making a whole mess.

It is best to clean in the form of left to right or right to left and take an entire sweep of the dirt from the ends together.

You should avoid taking your hands off the surface and just keep repeating the same movement until the whole surface is covered. So, even better is the technique of continuous left to right and right to left movement as you gradually move your hands down after each swipe.

Clean Your Cleaning Equipment Well

Make sure to clean all of your cleaning items like the mop, cleaning cloths, scrubs, brushes and so on.
If you are careless in keeping these clean, the next time you clean your home with the same stuff, it’s going to be a major problem.

Invest in a system of containers for your under-sink storage. Use as many as needed to fit the space and cater for all of your products, organised by use and type.

Tips on Cleaning Your Home

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